The Democratic PFDJ and ME
Mussie Zena
Feb. 5th. 2010

Today I am presenting to you the full content of a sample letter of the petition written by the PFDJ and given to its squad to be paper mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to the White House (to Barak Obama), the UN ( to Ambassador Rice) and the State Department (name not mentioned). The aim of the petition according to their dehai website reads as follows:

Dear fellow Eritreans & Friends, Add your voice to the February 22, 2010 March in Geneva (Switzerland), San Francisco & Washington, DC (USA) as well as Melbourne (Australia). Tell members of the UN Security Council, the U.S. Government and the International Community you want an immediate annulment and Repeal of the Unjust, reckless and baseless sanctions imposed on Eritrea on December 23, 2009! If you want your name to be added to the list of supporters please fill the form attached below.

Since the contents of all the three letters targeted to the above mentioned offices are almost the same I have chosen to see the one written to the State Department now. For your best information, while all the black font paragraphs are contents of the letter of the PFDJ all the red font paragraphs are my additions and questions on the petition. You can also find the full text of the PFDJ three letters at their serving the fake link Have a nice stay with democratic PFDJ and me.

Here is the sample letter of the petition by the PFDJ to the State Department:

My name is _______ from _________. I am calling/writing/faxing to denounce the unjust sanctions resolution the U.S. pushed through the U.N. Security Council against Eritrea. At the same time I am also writing to urge you to reverse this unjust measure against the Eritrean people based on fabricated information.

Although, they are trying to lengthen their stay in power by misleading the people; it is still good to see the PFDJsts being forced to admit the power of the poor people of Eritrea and asking us to write a petition on their behalf. But let me ask PFDJsts some questions here: have you ever asked us whenever you put us in war with all our neighbors? Have we had given a chance to talk about your economic policy of poverty? Have you ever tried to keep us in discussions about why the whole nation is on migration and becomes a no man’s land? As the people of the land, have we ever had the chance to urge, to write petition or run pubic demonstration in our own country. Didn’t you say you do not accept Western democracy? or the people of Eritrea don’t need Western style democracy? So where did you get this Western democratic cultures of organizing demonstrations and writing petitions?

I am in support of the President’s (Obama’s) policy of constructive engagement, reconciliation and partnership with the rest of the world. Sadly, the U.S. UN team has orchestrated these sanctions on charges you know well to be groundless. Why did you push for sanctions instead of engagement? Why threats instead of reconciliation and why punishments instead of partnerships?

Welcome to our world of sadness. It has been long since we had been sad on you. I am very happy to see you crying like a little child instead of trying to build a strong diplomacy in place which values mutual understanding and respect towards a common destiny. Diplomacy is not a family business. It needs a career diplomat to do the work not similar to that of yours a “family born to be ambassadors” such as Ambassador Tesfamicheal Gerahtu (UK, London), Ambassador Tesfalem Gerahtu (Kampala, Uganda) etc. By the way dear PFDJsts, hadn’t we heard you saying the sanction will have no impact on your ever weakening development policies let alone to threat you? How come all of a sudden (within one month) the sanction reaches the point of threatening? Why you say it is a punishment? Who is punishing who? Were you not owners of an independent political path? Come on! Don’t be scared by the U.S. and be honest, do you really know what engagement means? If you really know what engagement means don’t you think it is wise to first engage with your own people instead of “the hegemony driven U.S.” (Quoting your own words)? Don’t you think this time there is no time to deceive the Eritrean people? Why you say something very opposite in many other medias and beg in here? Or how you manage to roar like a lion (for local political consumption) and act like a chicken in here (in the Diaspora)? Don’t you think this will label you “KEDEMTI” or SERVANTS? (Forgive me for using your words).

The State Department should work to help the President implement his clearly stated foreign policy program. Please try to exercise fairness and carefully evaluate all the facts and evidence to find a lasting peace in the Horn of Africa and you should avoid falling into diplomatic trap of those who pretend to wish well for Somalia but instead are trying to destroy it. They are trying to kill two birds with one stone: to destroy both Eritrea and Somalia. Act wisely; the lives of innocent people are at stake.

Glad to hear you say the word “please”. Welcome to America. Where are those words of your mouth “the few interest groups” in the U.S. administration manipulating the whole U.S. system? How do you think your plead to the president will work if he is under the blessing of these groups? Are you serious when you say the U.S orchestrated sanction can destroy you? Hadn’t you said that you were the one tested by fire and have passed so much stumbling blocks since your inception? Have you ever acted wisely when you subjugate the whole nation? Are you saying the PFDJ gang is innocent? Shame on you! Don’t you know the current sanctions are imposed on the people of Eritrea by you long before December 23, 2009? Regarding the Travel Restrictions, how many Eritreans do you think had secured visas and traveled by the airport to abroad since 2001 so that the people to be affected by the sanction? The number of Eritrean refugees in Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya, and South Africa etc can be living testimonies for this. Pertaining to Arms Embargo, how and why an Eritrean would you think could buy a weapon to be affected by the sanction? Is there any private sector in Eritrea? to be affected by the Asset Freezes?

You and I know that this will not bring peace to the war ravaged Horn of Africa; in fact this is a reckless act designed to reignite existing simmering conflicts and to create new ones. Who do you think is fanning the fire in the Horn of Africa? Who do you think is exporting destabilizations in this region?

Lastly, since you are enjoying the fruits of democracy (that you didn’t grow) by organizing a demonstration and writing a petition in a foreign land I also hope to get answers to my questions at your convenience.

Thank you.

Mussie Zena


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